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School Vision


Vision for Wardour School

Aspiration, Challenge, Resilience

The school’s direction stems from its Mission Statement:  

“To develop young people who are confident, reflective, responsible and resilient learners; who understand that learning is for life and who are able to become all that God created them to be.”

Our aims are:

  • To provide an inspiring and well-rounded Catholic education for all our children, based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, in which the values of the Gospel underpin all aspects of school life
  • To provide a curriculum which is creative, imaginative, enriching, relevant and challenging, where children experience the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts
  • To challenge our children to aim high but not to be afraid to fail, to have the courage to admit their mistakes, to be curious about the world and make informed decisions, to listen respectfully and value other people’s viewpoints, and to be fearless when standing up for what is right and fair
  • To encourage our children to aspire to achieve their full potential and to develop a passion for learning that will stay with them throughout their life
  • To support the emotional and spiritual needs of our children so that they develop strength of character and resilience, qualities they need as they grow up and go on to take their place in this fast changing world
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