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Welcome to Friends of Wardour

Over the past few years, FOW have raised in excess of £22,000, some of which has been spent on various projects, such as the library refurbishment, new computers, the garden shed, Forest school equipment and a successful arts week. None of these things would be possible if it wasn’t for the parents and extended families of the school.  Every penny you can donate, cake you bake or even an hour of your expertise to help build veg beds or mud kitchens are crucial to providing the school with “the frosting on the cupcakes” that help them nurture our children. With government funding cuts its becoming more and more important for our schools to be supported by fundraising. 

There are some very easy ways you can help like https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk where you join up, download the app and select Wardour as your chosen charity. Every time you book a flight, holiday or Christmas shop online through the app the school gets a percentage of the total... PLEASE join up to this scheme.. every little helps. 

Every parent is automatically a Friend of Wardour. Come to our coffee mornings, fun runs, auctions, cake sales, kids discos and raise money for the school whilst having fun.

Get in touch with any of the class reps below if you have a brilliant fundraising idea or want to help out.

Your committee: 

Chair: Georgie Wessels

Treasurer : Tom Barker

Secretary: Kat Blackford

Reception - Hannah Thomas

Year 1 - Kat Blackford

Year 2 - Georgie Wessels

Year 3 - Chloe Luxton

Year 4 - Avon Flower

Year 5 - Alice Stone

Year 6 - Sophie McCarter

FOW meetings

Friends of Wardour meetings.

All parents/Guardians/Carers welcome to come, join and bring ideas.

Committee Meetings 

There will be various FOW Coffee mornings, details to follow, an opportunity to get together and catch up. 

FOW Communications are mainly through class rep, emails out to all parents (always good to let your rep know you received their email), Friends of Wardour Facebook page, and also the ever brilliant school PING.  (Please see Mrs Windsor if you haven’t already joined PING and downloaded the app. It is vital to the schools communications with all parents). 

March 2020

A Note from Friends of Wardour…

Dear Friends,

We wanted to just drop you a line to say a very big thank you for all your continued support, hard work and enthusiasm with raising money for our fabulous little school.  We realise that the fund-raising wheel can seem a bit relentless with requests for help and volunteers, and seemingly always asking you to dip your hand into your pocket for that £1 piece of pizza at The Shed or a fancy dress donation; but none of it goes unnoticed and the school are hugely grateful for all we do.  We wanted to let you know where all those pennies are being spent to give our children the extra bits that they wouldn’t benefit from without our help.

At the beginning of the year the children had a fantastic week learning how to help our planet and become as eco aware as they can.  The legacy from that week, the amazing wooden sculpture, is now hanging resplendent in the school hall with each child contributing by laying their own little pieces of wood.  They learned a great deal that week and FOW are proud to have been able to pay for it.  More recently we had a Storyteller in for the day which everyone loved and which was a fun thing for them to enjoy ahead of World Book Day.

We have bought a few things for the playground that the children have loved playing with. New skipping ropes and various other bits of play equipment, plus the amazing outdoor speaker. If you come to the playground at lunchtime on a Friday, you will be greeted with the beats of Abba (amongst other classics) and multitudes of children doing some amazing and uninhibited dance moves! We are planning to enhance the playground further over the next few months with some sail-type shades/cover and a stage to help bring out more of the creative side of the children.  In the summer term we will have an Arts Week which is always a great success. 

As of next week, the library (which is quite a large area found in the middle of the building in case you haven’t ventured that far inside) is being given a full renovation and make-over.  The old, slightly dilapidated shelving and cupboards are being replaced with a bespoke built-in library to utilise the space better and make it more user-friendly.  This will give the children a much needed area - not only to get inspired in, but it will also become a place they can go and read quietly.  FOW are delighted that this project will benefit everyone in the school and we feel it is a really worthy use of some of the funds you have all helped to raise.  We will be adding considerably to the library with more books over the coming months to give our children the best learning facility we can… so watch this space!

The garden is a fantastic place for the children in the summer and we hope that by the time we get some warmer weather we will be able to make full use of all the wonderful vegetable and flower beds that were built a few years ago and get growing and tending. We also plan to replace the existing slightly worn path from the school over to the forest shelter and prayer garden when the ground isn’t so wet.

As you may have seen at the Christmas assembly, the children are doing well learning their Ukulele’s and the Ocarinas have also been a big hit with the younger children.  FOW will continue to fund these music lessons as part of their curriculum as we feel it is adding yet another little extra boost to their learning.

Now moving on to the actual fund-raising bit! We have had a great year to date with The Kite Festival that kick started the academic year followed by smaller events like the Film Night, The Social at Pyt House Kitchen Garden and all the Shed Sales that have been utterly brilliant.

To date we have raised over £3,250 (this is after costs so actual money in the bank) this academic year:

The Kite festival - £2,000

The Shed - £864

Film night - £109

PKG - £287

Looking towards the second half of this year we have a few dates for your diary; details of which will be sent out separately as there is a fair bit of planning that we will all need to be involved in.

1st April               Break the Rules for April Fools. 

This was a winner last year and we will send out a list of which rules can be broken nearer the time.

15th May            Walk for Wardour

This will be an event that all the children can get involved in and most importantly they will be in charge of getting their own sponsorship for their walk.  We are always trying to think of new ways to raise funds without dipping into the same pockets every time and think that this walk should do that as the children can reach out to Godparents, Grandparents, neighbours and friends.  If there are any parents that can come and help us on the day – we will need walkers, marshalls, refreshment caddys and so on… the more parents on the ground to help, the more fun and smoothly it will run.  The walk will start and end at the school and there will be 2/ 3 walks of varying lengths to suit all ages and abilities. More details to follow…  

4th July                Wardour Fete & Dog Show

We will be holding a '4th July - USA' themed fete on the games pitch at school with a dog show on the field opposite (alongside where we park the cars).  It will be open to the public and the fete will include a bunch of stalls such as bric-a-brac, clothing, children’s clothing, toys, books etc.  I believe your class reps have already sent a message to alert you to keep hold of anything that might be useful to sell on one of the above stalls. We will also run a tea & coffee stand, cake stall, tombola, bar, bouncy castle, bucking bronco etc… you get the picture. Please can I put in an early shout-out for volunteers to run stalls.

That should keep us all busy for now…………! 

We will be in touch again soon but in the meantime, please do come and chat to either me or your class reps if you want to know more or have any ideas you want to share.

With best wishes

Georgie & The FOW Committee



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