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Tile Barn



We set off in three minibuses and arrived at Tile Barn at 11.45am.  We quickly unpacked our bags and had a good look around the bunkhouse - our home for the next three days.  Adam met us and made sure we had everything we needed.  We ate lunch in our 'garden' and then went to start our activities which included water rockets and orienteering.  The site is huge so some of us played football before dinner and others chilled in the bunkhouse, listening to music and drawing.  We were starving and enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti bolognaise, salad and garlic bread, finishing off with chocolate cake and cream!

After dinner, we played cricket in the gorgeous evening sun, showered and got ready for dorm inspection - scores are even tonight!



Lots of chat into the small hours but finally all quiet!  Bar a few sleepyheads, everyone rose early to another glorious day.  The children are getting ready for a big breakfast and then off to archery, climbing, fire lighting and crate stack.

The tidy dorm competition is being fiercely contested this morning - we will see how tidy they remain!

We have had another exciting day in glorious sunshine, carrying out lots of new activities.  The photos will show you some of the things we have been up to.  The children have been fantastic, eating huge amounts of food and having endless energy.  Another cricket match is being fiercely contested tonight after a tactical game of capture the flag.  We now have a class of proficient archers, climbers and fire makers so beware when they return!

We spent the evening in the field in the setting sun, playing games and making the most of our last evening.  



The boys won the tidy dorm competition  - a very close contest and we started our final day by packing up our rooms and trying to identify lost socks.  Everyone ate a huge fried breakfast and we headed off to the egg drop.  Each group had to create a structure which would protect an egg when dropped form a large height.  There were extra points for creativity, chicken impressions and jokes!  Half the eggs survivied and half smashed crating an eggy mess but we thought about how we could improve our designs.  

We headed back to the Bunkhouse for lunch and then boarded the coach for the trip home - tired and happy after a wonderful trip!

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