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Y6 and tank

Bovington Tank Museum, November 2018

Year 6 visited the Tank Museum at Bovington as part of their WW1 topic. They had the rare opportunity to explore inside a WW1 tank, spend some time in replica trenches reflecting on what life must have been like there 100 years ago. The day was divided up into three workshops led by the very enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff at the museum.

Activities included researching the real life of a war horse helped by a fascinating interactive exhibition; 'Tommy in the Trenches' enabled the children to understand where the expression 'shell-shocked' came from and what this debilitating condition was like, and 'The Tank Experience' exposed the class to the reality of life inside a tank - not much fun, nor comfortable and often shared with three homing pigeons used to send messages back to HQ.


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