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The Day the Bishop came to our school, by St. Andrew's Class

At long last the day had arrived when  we welcomed Bishop Declan to our school. The Bishop came into our class and Grace, Alexa and Oscar showed him our Maths Working Wall. We described the work that we were doing in our Literacy and Tristan showed Bishop Declan our Carnival of the Animals art work. Mrs Fowler told us that we were all very important!

We had a special collective worship which included two favourite hymns of Bishop Declan’s. The leaders of Faith were presented with their bronze awards, which they worked very hard to achieve. Bishop Declan also gave the Chaplaincy Team their badges which they will wear with pride. Pia read our Class intercession prayer beautifully for us. Finally the Bishop blessed the hall and everyone who had helped build it.

Suddenly the sun came out and all of Wardour School excitedly walked outside to our new Prayer Garden.

We watched and listened to Bishop Declan as he blessed our prayer garden and all of us. Some of the children explained how the plants had been chosen for their religious meanings. There are blue and white flowers to represent Mary , a plant called  Jacobs ladder and a bush that will turn red like the ‘burning bush’ in the autumn . As we admired the solar water feature the water slowly began to trickle down the pots like a miracle. It reminded us of the time that Moses bought water out of the rock when the Israelites were in the desert.

Sadly the day came to the end. We loved meeting Bishop Declan at our school, it was a very special occasion that we will remember for a long time. We really hope that one day  he will come back and spend more time with us.


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