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Collective Worship during school closure

Collective Worship normally take place in School at 9.45am.  Please do share this week's Children's Liturgy with your children so we can gather together 'virtually'!

Please also find daily prayers to share with your families for the coming week.  The daily prayers are rooted in the Sunday Gospel for families to pray together.

Download the Wednesday Word here http://www.wednesdayword.org/school/index.htm

Collective Worship week commencing 13 July


The end of the school year provides a perfect opportunity to take a moment to look back and reflect, as well as look forwards with renewed vision and hope.

As the final week of daily prayers for this school year, we finish with The Five-Day Examen – a simple but beautiful resource for use in the classroom or at home. 

Based on the traditional Ignatian meditation, these daily reflections are used at the end of each day to help children reflect on all that has taken place, how they have felt and responded and how they can allow Jesus to work in them more.

Please watch our five-minute film about the Examen prayer. Whilst this was made for teachers leading prayers in the classroom, this will be helpful for parents leading the prayers at home too.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 6th July

The prayers this week help children to plan ahead and prepare for the summer holidays, something they might usually be very excited for, but perhaps a little less so this year – they might feel like they’ve already had a long holiday at home!

The word ‘holiday’ comes from ‘holy day’, when people would be allowed time off work to observe religious festivals and feast days. Today, a holiday means any time off from our usual work. These prayers consider how children’s ‘holidays’ can truly become ‘holy days’.

Each day children will be led in reflection using Psalm 34 (note that this is the Sunday Psalm from last week, rather than 5th July) and offered a suggestion for an activity to do, either this week or during the holidays. You might like to encourage children to keep a list of these activities so that they remember them.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 29 June

This week, the daily prayers are produced in partnership with Mission Together, which is the children’s branch of Missio, the Pope’s charity for world mission. Designed to coincide with the Feast St Peter and St Paul, the Day of Many Colours is Mission Together’s annual day of celebration. It is a time to remind children that we belong to God’s worldwide family and is based on the five ‘continent’ colours of the Mission Rosary.

You may be aware of the ‘rosary’: the traditional prayer which uses beads as a guide to meditate on the life of Jesus whilst praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. ‘The Mission Rosary’ follows the same tradition, but each section of the rosary (known as a ‘decade’ because it has ten beads in each section) is a different colour representing a different continent: green for Africa, red for the Americas, blue for Oceania, yellow for Asia and white for Europe.

Each day, the children will focus on a different continent and pray the rosary. Decide for yourself how many times to say the prayers each day.



Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 22 June

In this week’s Gospel Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not be afraid.” This is a message we hear in the Gospel at different times, mainly from Jesus, but also from others. It’s an important message for us today: it helps us to remember that Jesus is always with us, helping us leave our fears behind and lift our eyes to Him.

Each day the prayers look at different times we hear the words, “Do not be afraid,” said in the Gospels, and help children apply this message to their own lives.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 15 June

This week is Corpus Christi, where we celebrate the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. 

In the Gospel this week, we hear Jesus declare, “I am the living bread… Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever.” When we celebrate the Mass we too can share in this living bread, so our focus this week is on preparing our hearts to meet Jesus in the Mass. Each day suggests something we can do to get ready to receive Jesus.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 8 June

This week we’re spending some time prayerfully reflecting on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Children are invited to bring all that is in their hearts and minds to God. With two days devoted to praying to each member of the Trinity, children will understand that:

- God the Father loves us as a perfect parent, whom we can turn to no matter how we are feeling;
- God the Son supports and cares for us as a constant friend who teaches and guides us through the person and example of Jesus;
- God the Holy Spirit guides us as a wise teacher, who lives in us as our closest friend and advocate, bringing hope, peace and love to our hearts.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 1 June

Sunday 31st May was Pentecost Sunday; the time when we remember Jesus sending the disciples His Holy Spirit. In receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples were inspired with joy to go out into the world and make Jesus known. The Holy Spirit is what encourages and inspires us to do good.

The theme of this week’s daily prayers is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Taking a little of the traditional prayer ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ each day, children will come to understand what the prayer means.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 18th May

Collective worship - We are drawing near to the Ascension when Jesus returned to Heaven, and this week we invite children to imagine how the disciples might have felt at losing Jesus again. However, Jesus has reassuring news: He will never leave us, and He has sent a helper to be with us forever.

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Daily prayers



Collective worship and daily prayers week commencing 11 May

Collective Worship - In this week’s Gospel, the disciples were looking for God the Father. Little did they realise that God was standing right in front of them in human form, through the person of Jesus. This assembly helps children to relate to God on a personal level through the person of Jesus Christ.

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Daily Prayers - please click on the link to find the day's prayers.



Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 4 May

Collective Worship - Living your best life.  Please click on the link and open the video.


Daily Prayers - please click on the link to find the day's prayers.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 27 April

Collective Worship - A meeting with Jesus.  Please click on the link and open the video.


Daily Prayers - please click on the link to find the day's prayers.


Collective Worship and daily prayers week commencing 20 April

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